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With the Ataira Analytics +BI add-in you can view your Power BI items within a convenient SharePoint web part. You can also send notifications to your corporate groups and add follow-up actions for your team to more tightly collaborate on your business intelligence efforts in one location. Pre-built into the site are lists for Power BI, Actions and a Document Library.
  • Power BI Documents - This list is populated with your Power BI reports and dashboards from your workspace and group workspaces. Once the list has been populated you are able to view your items right in SharePoint and also open these reports natively in a new window. When you click on an individual Power BI item you are able to send a notification to your Office 365 groups and add a follow-up action in the Action list that's associated with that item.
  • Power BI Links - This list provides an area for sharing Power BI reports with a Publish to Web embed code. To get the code, go to the Power BI web portal and select on a report in your workspace or in a group workspace. Then go to the file menu and select on Publish to Web. Copy the embed code and place in the Link field. You can share reports between Power BI Pro and Power BI Free users. You can also send notifications or add follow-up tasks for items in this list.
  • Document Library - A general list for storing documents that relate to your business intelligence activities. These could be Excel spreadsheets, Word documents as references or anything else relevant. Like the Power BI list, you are able to send notifications to your Office 365 group or add a follow up action in the Actions list.
  • Actions - This is a standard SharePoint task list but is also used to store tasks that are associated with particular a Power BI or Document Library items. You can set due dates, sub tasks and assign actions to particular users for follow up.

A typical use case would be for a Power BI developer to create a business report that is then exposed through the Power BI list in SharePoint. Other users then could assign actions such as looking deeper into a particular metric, modify the formatting of the report or send notifications to users in Groups who might not other-wise view the Power BI report or document. The add-in can be installed in any site, sub-site or site collection for your users to collaborate across SharePoint, Groups and Power BI.


After your SharePoint administrator installs the add-in you will be able to start adding items into the Document Library and Actions lists just as you normally would using the SharePoint interface. Some of the typical menu items have been disabled since they are not applicable to SharePoint add-ins such as Tags and Notes and Search. You can upload many types of documents to the Document Library list. If your administrator has enabled Excel Services you can upload pivot table and Power Pivot spreadsheets and then view these through the Open link in the item menu. Some Excel spreadsheets can even be used as data sources for your Power BI reports.

Reload ListTo populate the Power BI list, click the 'Reload List' button in the list ribbon menu. Your browser will go to the Microsoft authentication website for the Ataira Analytics Power BI application, this is used to retrieve your Power BI items from the Power BI API site. You will then be redirected back to your original page. Once there, your items will display in the Power BI list. You will then be able to click the 'View' link to display the Power BI item in SharePoint. You can also click the 'Pop-Out' link to open the report in a new browser window.

Send NotificationOnce you have items available in the Power BI or Document Library lists, you will have two menu options available to enable greater collaboration with your business intelligence efforts. When you click on the 'Send Notification' button in the list item ribbon menu it will take you to a page which lists the properties for the item you selected, a comments box and a 'Send Notification' button. Put some comments in the input box and click the button. Your browser will redirect to the Ataira Analytics Outlook Connector application where you may select the appropriate group for your notification. All members of this group will receive your comment with a description of the item and a link to where they may view the item.

Add ActionWhen the 'Add Action' button is clicked button in the list item ribbon menu it will take you to a new Actions item with the referenced item is preselected in the drop down boxes for the list and item. Give your action a title and fill out any of the other applicable properties such as due date, user or sub tasks. If a related item is subsequently deleted the action will still maintain a reference to the item until the action is edited and a new item is selected in the drop-down boxes.

EmptyListThe 'Empty List' button in the list ribbon menu is used for removing all items from the Power BI list for all users. When users next view their list it will be empty and they will need to click on the 'Reload List' button referenced above. This can be useful if a user no longer has access to the application and orphaned items are left behind.


When I click the 'View' button for a Power BI item I get a blank report or a message that says, 'This content is not available'.
Authentication for the Power BI item has expired or the content has been deleted from the workspace. Click on the 'Reload List' button to re-authenticate to the application.
When I click the 'Reload List' button there are no items or fewer items in the Power BI list than expected.
Be sure that you have Power BI items in your workspace or groups. You must have a Power BI Pro license to view your Group's reports and dashboards, however your workspace items will be visible with the Power BI Free license. If you have recently been added to a group, visit the Power BI site so you will be authenticated to the group.
After I add comments and click 'Send Notification' for an item I get an error in Internet Explorer but not in Chrome.
Add the website to the Trusted Sites list in the security tab of Internet Explorer.


Version 1.5 is now available! With this upgrade there are significant performance improvements and added functionality. Ask your SharePoint admin to upgrade the app today!

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Please call or email to let us know of any questions, comments or ideas for future enhancements. If you are notifying us of a bug or problem with the application be sure to include the location where the add-in is installed, the steps to reproduce the problem and the contact information for you and your SharePoint admin in case a patch is needed.

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